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I started in the fitness industry 12 years ago whilst studying BSc Sport and Exercise Science at UWIC. Being a keen rugby player and gym goer I wanted to help and educate others, so whilst I was studying for my degree I underwent a personal training qualification.

My first position in the industry was at the LivingWell, Newport. I started off as a fitness consultant before moving on to personal training at David Lloyd in Cardiff where my Business grew like you couldn’t imagine.

I then decided I wanted a new challenge and the opportunity to share my experiences in the industry by helping others achieve their dreams in becoming fitness professionals . I became a tutor/Assessor/Mentor for The Training Room for just under 2 years, I thoroughly enjoy working with my students and helping them begin their careers.

During my time at The Training Room I continued to offer personal training at GymVision, a local gym in Cardiff. The flexibility of personal training has enabled me to work full-time and fit in my social and family life, the possibilities are endless. I also continued playing semi-professional rugby for Llanelli RFC.

The next chapter in my life took me over to Perth, Australia to play rugby for UWA. Whilst in Perth I was working out of the amazing Aspire where I was building my own business as well as Gym/PT Manager. During my time in Perth I also did some employed PT at Renouf – Padbury. Perth was an experience of a lifetime, now I am back in Cardiff onto the next chapter.


Upon returning from Australia I used my experience as a General Manager at UFit-Fitness where I worked for 3 years. I then returned to Cardiff Metropolitan University working as Active Lifestyle Manager to cover maternity leave for over a year. I have now been appointed into a new role within the University as Business Development Manager for Cardiff Met Sport. In addition, I offer 1 to 1 Personal Training and Online Personal Training also available across the UK.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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