Knowing Your Body Type & What It Means For Your Training program

Knowing what body type you are is very important when it comes to knowing what to put into a training program and what to eat to get that body you’ve always dreamt of. Some people are more genetically lucky than others, but we all have the ability to do something about it getting fitter, healthier, and look and feel amazing! To begin with we need to look at the 3 main body types…..

what are you ….

Ectomorph: When you think “ecto” think Naomi Campbell or Russell Brand. Ectomorphs usually have a fragile and delicate appearance to them. They are effortlessly lean and narrow in the shoulders giving them look long and thin; with rectangular shape. This body type has a thyroid that is generally hyperactive – FAST. It takes a lot to gain weight for the ectomorph whether in the form of muscle or fat..

What being an ectomorph means for your training program:

Because ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, fat loss comes very easy. Which is normally considered a good thing, but this could be an inconvenience if a this person is trying to gain weight or put on muscle mass (Like me). It is hard for an ectomorph to gain true muscle tone, but not impossible, it would require a very high calorie and high protein diet. The ectomorphs body type is also known to suffer with back problems, due to the lack of muscle tone in their core muscles. So my advise to anyone who feels that they are an ectomorph, is to build up the strength in your core muscles to fight off things like kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis. On a more positive side, an ectomorph can train daily because their body is known to recover quicker than the other body types, however, this must be supplemented by a well balanced diet to support the kind of training that is being done.

Mesomorph: When you think “meso” think Arnold Schwartzennegger or Gerard Butler (especially in 300). A true mesomorph tends to be a muscular person with broad shoulders, thick joints, and large bones described as an upside down triangle; with wide shoulders, narrow hips. A large portion of mesomorphs are men, but there is also a large group of mesomorph women. As far as a mesomorph’s metabolism goes, they have a medium to high metabolism. Because they naturally carry more lean muscle mass than any of the other body types, they tend to only gain weight when they overeat. Even moderate training regime will usually allow the normal mesomorph to maintain a toned and athletic body.

What being a mesomorph means for your training routine:

Because they are naturally muscular, a fit physique is easy to maintain. However, where they may do well in power sports like shot putt, they may struggle with endurance related activities such as long distance running due to their muscle physique. In order to maintain a healthy weight a mesomorph their diet should be well balanced with an emphasis on portion control. As far as training goes, putting on lean muscle will come with ease due to the body type, but if their goal is to slim down and lose some bulk, they need to steer clear of heavy weights for a while and work on body weight movements or endurance weight training instead which is done by increasing the number of repetitions that are done in their program.

Endomorph: When you think “endo” think James Corden or Kevin James. An endomorph tends to be chubby. Their skeletons are usually bigger than an ectomorph’s but not as large as a mesomorph’s. Endomorphs tend to have a slow metabolism and usually hold onto fat in the belly, thighs and upper arms. The average endomorph frequently has knee problems as well as back problems due to the shift of the centre of mass causing and anterior tilt in the pelvis. It is common to see endomorphs as a pear shape; being small on top, big on bottom with somewhat  X shaped legs – the knees almost knock together.

What being an endomorph means for your training routine:

As endomorph’s have a slow metabolism it is crucial that you follow a strict healthy diet to reach their fat loss goals. It is easier for endomorph’s to maintain a strict diet because unlike other body types, they do not need to eat as much to maintain their their energy levels. In order  for endomorph’s to reach their fat loss and fitness goals, they must combine a regular training routine with their strict diet, but must be careful not to over train which can be easy to do on such a steep calorie defecit. Endomorphs must also be careful to avoid nutritional deficiencies. I would recommend an endomorph with fat loss goals to contact a nutritionist to avoid such deficiencies which are essential to maintain good health.  


Each person is different there are no pure ecto, meso and endomorphs. Each person is normally a mixture of all 3 in various proportions, with them predominantly being one or two types . The important part is to recognise which body type you are predominantly, so an appropriate training program can be designed for you. You cannot change your body type, but everyone can use training programs and dieting techniques to lose fat increase muscle mass and be healthy. If you do have these fitness goals we are here to help at GWT. Get in touch here.

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