The Hangover Cure

What you can do to get rid of the worst of hangovers??

  • Take a non-acetaminophen over-the-counter painkiller like aspirin or ibuprofen. Painkillers’ effects peak at about four hours, so the effect of taking a painkiller before bed will be gone by the next morning (when your hangover strikes). Alcohol disrupts how the liver processes acetaminophen, so taking that may lead to liver inflammation and permanent damage.

Drink plenty of water and electrolyte-replenishing sports drinks the next morning.

  • Drink plenty of water and electrolyte-replenishing sports drinks the next morning. This will help ease any symptoms of dehydration, which often goes hand in hand with a hangover. The processes that break down alcohol also produce lactic acid and other chemicals that interfere with the production of glucose (sugar) and electrolytes; that’s why sports drinks are a good idea. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages – those make you urinate more.
  • Eat burnt toast. Carbon in the burnt part helps filter impurities, which is why people hospitalized for alcohol poisoning get a potent carbon slurry pumped into their stomachs.

Eat bland foods like toast and crackers.

  • Eat bland foods like toast and crackersIt’s not to “absorb” the alcohol (which is what most people think). It’s to boost your blood sugar. Alcohol prevents your body from maintaining normal blood sugar concentration, and low blood sugar leads to fatigue and weakness). Complex carbs (cereal, bread) are good choices.

Have bouillon soup to restore salt and potassium.

  • Have bouillon soup to restore salt and potassium. A banana will also help restore potassium.
Have food or drinks that contain fructose to help you burn the alcohol faster.
  • Have food or drinks that contain fructose to help you burn the alcohol faster. Eating fruits and drinking fruit juice might make you feel better. A 1976 study suggests, however, that while fructose eases the metabolic effects of alcohol, it might not ease the symptoms of a hangover.

Make a bacon sandwich.

  • Make a bacon sandwich. The bread will raise your blood sugar, and the protein in bacon breaks down to amino acids to help relenish brain neurotransmitters that were depleted by the alcohol.
  • Be happy. A 1997 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests that guilt about drinking, a neurotic personality, becoming angry or depressed while drinking, and having suffered “negative life events” in the past 12 months are better predictors of symptoms of hangover than how much or what you drink.

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