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A bit about me, I am currently a S&C, Tutor & Personal Trainer based in Cardiff, Wales. Sport and fitness has always been an integral part of my life. Whilst studying at University I began to learn the techniques I use now first hand playing rugby. This gave me the base to explore my own beliefs on how Strength & Conditioning in Sport should involve.

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As your Strength & Conditioning Coach my ultimate aim is to teach you the fundamentals of your sport to help you establish movement patterns that will allow you to train and compete at your strongest and efficiently at the same time injury free in your desired sport.


The complexity of Triathlon’s with the 3 disciplines and the training workload means that the body needs to be strong and efficient. This is where the basic movements a fundamental for swimming, cycling and running. Learning to feel correct positions and the specific muscles working. It is so easy for athletes to perform exercises without thinking about what muscles we are trying to work building strength and efficiency. 


These basic exercises will make you start to think about what is working and why. We can then begin to understand why some muscle use to fatigue and when. Efficiency is the key work when we talk about endurance events. A triathlete without strength and conditioning is like cycling with a flat time.

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Below you will find a Free 4 week Strength and Conditioning Starter pack where you begin to understand what movements and muscles are integral in the sport of Triathlon and how Strength and Conditioning is there to help improve, develop and strengthen to make you a bullet proof athlete. Fill in the form below to receive you 4 week Strength and Conditioning Starter pack.