Athlete S&C Online programming

As Athletes our main focus is Personal Bests, with this in mind ensuring the body stays injury free and strong to get you through the demands of the sport. With our Athlete S&C programming we are looking to add Strength, Stability, Efficiency, Power to allow you to excel at you beloved sport.

Athlete S&C Programming
Programme includes:
– Initial one to one Consultation
– Monthly personal S&C programming Made specific to you, taking into consideration your performance calendar, injuries and goals.
– Programming flexible to change
– injuries or personal circumstances.
– Ongoing assessment of performance and condition.

There are lots of different exercise that can be prescribed after identifying any weaknesses, injuries, specific goals (get quicker, become for efficient etc) to help you improve performance these don’t have to involve going anywhere near dumbbells and weights.


Common issues with Athletes:

  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain

These can all benefit from one of our GWT Athletes S&C Programmes. For further details please contact us today.

Lets give you a complete training programme from experience S&C’s.


T-Towel takes away all of the stress of packing and arranging your kit by clearly laying out exactly what you need in transition. Having your kit laid out in a logical manner on quickly identifiable surface will result in faster and more relaxed transitions.