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Some testimonials from a few clients I have worked with over recent years:

Catherine Bradshaw

‘I thought I had a basic sort of level of fitness when I started training with Gareth.  Within a few minutes I was totally ruined!!  His combination of HIIT, strength and conditioning has worked wonders to improve my cardio tolerance and feel much leaner!  Each session was different meaning that I didn’t lose interest, there was great banter, and some brilliant sparring sessions with his boxing knowledge too.  Over a couple of months I noticed a real difference in my fitness and felt much more toned and confident overall.  I would highly recommend Gareth as a personal trainer – you can’t go wrong!’

Helen Emanuel Huws

‘I was fortunate enough to have a number of personal training sessions with Gareth Walters from November through to early December 2014.  It was in response to a notice he had posted in the David Lloyd gym advertising a 6 week exercise course specific to training for a skiing holiday.  I started on a one-to-one session with him slowly building up leg, arm and core exercises. Within a couple of weeks I built up confidence and strength and have lost weight, sleep better and have looked at my eating habits and generally increased my fitness considerably.  He is consistently punctual, flexible in timing sessions to fit in with my schedule, encouraged whilst pushing me beyond what I considered my capability. I found that each in session the programme varied and was kept interesting and challenging and I enjoyed the sessions very much. I am sure he will be successful with his future projects.’

Emlyn Jones

‘When I first met Gareth I was struggling badly with painful and very weak hip flexors and glutes.  I also had pain in both hips.  Gareth was very professional in his approach to my problems. He checked me out thoroughly, then introduced me to a variety of exercises which he always supervised.  What impressed me, was his thoroughness in making sure that I was doing the exercises correctly. Soon the pain eased and my flexibility improved.  Before I met Gareth, I would struggle to get up off the floor, but now, thanks to him, and his commitment, I’m back playing competitive tennis.  Gareth has given me my life back, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer.’

Carol Nicholas

‘I started training with Gareth at the age of 64 because apart from wanting to improve general strength and fitness I had been told (following a DEXA scan) that I had low bone density in my hips and spine. I was not keen to take the osteoporosis drugs available as they all seemed  to have a range of very undesirable side effects. Gareth designed an exercise programme to address my need to develop muscle and thereby try to stimulate bone strengthening in my hips and spine. I was conscious that Gareth built up my exercise regime gradually and appropriately and I soon saw a noticeable difference in the feeling of strength in my back and core muscles. I found Gareth very diligent in designing exercises that were varied but always targeted at appropriate muscle groups. In addition I always felt very comfortable with Gareth as his manner was friendly and encouraging and also took account of my age and energy levels.

After 12 months , at my next DEXA  scan, I was delighted that my hip bone density and shown a noticeable improvement and my spine density , which is more hormonally affected and therefore more difficult to impact through exercise, had remained stable, despite having reached an age where it normally decreases. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gareth as a conscientious, friendly and professional personal trainer.’

Kristina Gardener

‘A few years ago I had my brothers wedding fast approaching I wanted to lose 2 stone. I knew I could not do it alone and hired Gareth as my personal trainer. My goals and challenges he took on as his own whole heartedly. Not only is he very professional he is an amazing motivator and always willing to help by giving me all the tools I needed i.e nutritional information and techniques.

Over a few years of training Gareth would keep me motivated by making my sessions enjoyable.  He is great with people but doesn’t take any messing!!! He pushed me to a fitness level I didn’t think I would ever attain.’

Jane Stewart

‘Two and a half years ago I made the decision to get into better shape.

As I was a member of David Lloyd  I decided to give personal training a go. During that time my fitness goals have been achieved and I discovered that resistance exercises can be fun. None of this would have been possible without Gareth. PT sessions have become part of my weekly life. I think there is no need for me to mention that I would recommend PT with Gareth to everyone.’

Beverly Johnson

‘I had PT with Gareth for over a year and during that time, I became fitter, stronger and my general endurance improved. Equally my body shape changed to a far more athletic physique. Gareth was motivating and supportive and during time of injury he ensured that I employed appropriate rehabilitation techniques and my injuries healed in a timely manner. In times of poor physical health or simply a low mood, Gareth was intuitive enough to adopt the training to ensure that I would enjoy the session and leave feeling healthier and happier. Gareth’s training is varied and interesting. I was often working muscle groups that wasn’t aware I was working until a day or two later when my whole body would go into a pleasure/pain shock.

The results from working out with Gareth are physically evident, but for me the most important aspect was his communication skills and sense of fun. I always left the gym laughing and feeling very happy. I loved our sessions together.’

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