Triathlon Strength & Conditioning For Beginners – Level 1

Triathlon Strength & Conditioning For Beginners

8 Week Guide – Triathlon Strength & Conditioning For Beginners

*Half Price* Now Only £29.99 for Limited time. The Ultimate 8 Week Beginner Strength and Conditioning Guide for Triathletes. Level 1 is where we cover the basics which will be the building blocks for Level 2.


Within this Guide we will begin to cover some basic movements which they will day in day out swimming, cycling and running. Learning to feel correct positions and the specific muscles working. It is so easy for us to perform exercises without thinking about what muscles we are trying to work. These basic exercises will make us start to think about what is working and why. We can then begin to understand why some muscle use to fatigue and when. Efficiency is the key work when we talk about endurance events. A triathlete without a strength and conditioning is like cycling with a flat time.